Our Services include:

Property/Building Services directory:
Real estate/building service providers like architects, bricklayers, cleaning/housekeeping, fumigation, geosurvey, insurance, landscaping, legal, mortgages, renovation/restoration, tilers, waste management, etc

Property Listing directory:
Property listings per country where you can search properties available to let/lease/sales/mortgage and such.

Notable Places/Businesses directory:
Unique, commercial ventures like gift/kiddies/adult shops, photo/music/video studios, beaches, learning/training facility, games/amusement parks, airports/helicopter services, gym/spa/sport center, resorts, travel and tours, heritage sites, etc.

Property Education directory:
Real Estate education, books, courses, certifications, training’s, white papers, seminars, forums, etc.

Real-Estate Updates:
Realty updates like Promos/Offers, Vacancies, Now Selling/Letting, etc.


We are a real estate company seeking to help you maximize your property investment rewards.