L’ARCADE Lock-up Shops, Owerri – Imo.

South-East Nigeria
Sale Shop 12sqm


L’ARCADE is an enclosed centre located approximately 5 minutes from Control and it’s a 3-minute drive from the popular Concorde Hotel in Owerri. The locational advantage of the site is unparalleled due to its central disposition and accessibility from all quarters of Owerri Metropolis. L’ARCADE offers over 400 Shops (12 sqm) avaliable from ₦50,000  per month (Fixed 5 year lease).

The Centre provides lettable area of 12sqm of over 400 stalls targeting amongst others to attract outlets like Furniture, Clothing, Shoes and Bags, Electronics, Food & Drinks, Supermarkets and Pharmacy and counting from local and international owners.

L’ARCADE’s innovative design, connects the dynamic urban surroundings to the history and splendour of the city. A distinctive, spectacularly designed retail, food & beverage experience is guaranteed to attract a huge number of visitors to meet, shop, eat, drink and relax.

Its unique central location will make L”ARCADE a major hotspot for (inter)national business, leisure and entertainment. L’ARCADE offers everything a successful retailer needs. Visitors will enjoy the center’s amazing ambiance.



L’ARCADE comprises of over 400 shops in a flexible combination of:

Electric and electronic cabling shall be underground to keep the environment tidy and safe for the users. The fringes of the centre shall be fenced and street lights and circuit cameras are to be installed to enhance security, safety and monitoring to ensure security in the centre.  The entire premises shall be paved and thoroughly drained into underground storm water drainages to avoid flooding. Despite restrictions to the use of non-combustible building materials, a sophisticated fire alarm and remote address system will be incorporated to monitor the centre, with fire hydrants and adequate dedicated water supply reservoir.

The epileptic electric power and water shortage in Nigeria have been mitigated by the provision of dedicated transformers, Electric Generators, Portable water boreholes and capacity water storage facility.



Corner Piece N800,000.00 4,000,000.00
Corner Piece En-Suite N850,000.00 4,250,000.00
Regular Shop N700,000.00 3,500,000.00
Regular En-Suite N750,000.00 3,750,000.00
2nd Floor Regular N600,000.00 3,000,000.00
2nd Floor Regular En-Suite N650,000.00 3,250,000.00

VAT, Security Deposit and Legal fees on each shop will be paid for the lease consideration period.


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