Alaro City

Industrial and Serviced Plots in ALARO CITY, Lekki FTZ.

South-West Nigeria
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Alaro City is an integrated, mixed-use city planned for over 2,000 hectares(1.25 x the size of Victoria Island) in the Lekki Free Zone. Alaro City has areas for offices, logistics and warehousing, homes, schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, entertainment and 150 hectares of parks and open spaces. Located in the North West Quadrant of the Lekki Free Zone, Alaro City is ideally situated on the Lekki-Epe Expressway for ease of transportation to Lagos or towards the rest of Nigeria.

Alaro City is adjacent to the future Lagos international airport and close to the region’s largest deep sea port and major Nigerian and international companies. Alaro City holds full land title with Certificate of Occupancy.

The free zone receives a number of benefits targeted towards its developers and occupants.

Alaro City is a partnership between Lagos State Government and Rendeavour. The city works with a number of global and Nigerian organisations to deliver a world-class city.



The first phase of our residential ‘buy and build’ enclave is now open for sales. Our serviced plots come with good roads, drainage for even the most punishing floods and neighbourhood planning that ensures your view will never change. Additionally, there is on-site electricity via our integrated IPP, running water, state of the art ICT networking and robust security systems.

The residential enclave, like the rest of Alaro City, is governed by strong development control and estate management guidelines that enhance the value of properties.

Low Density Plots – Single Family Units – Ground Floor +1 Floor Developable:

Medium Density Plots – Ground Floor +2 Floors Developable:

High Density Plots – Apartment Blocks – 4 to 6 Floors Developable:

Alaro City also offers buyers the option of choosing from modern house designs and to work with certified contractors to develop their homes.



Alaro City provides serviced land suitable for light industrial, assembly and warehouse & logistics uses.

The first phase of Alaro City’s industrial area is open for sales, with a variety of plots on offer. There are also opportunities to lease land and buildings to suit occupier requirements on appropriate commercial terms. The city is located directly on the Lekki-Epe Expressway, providing an optimal area for the transfer of goods to Lagos and to the rest of Nigeria beyond. Alaro City’s Free Zone status provides reduced corporate taxes, customs & excise duty exemptions, VAT benefits, profit and capital repatriation at reduced rates, among other benefits. A number of facilities are already under construction or at the design and development stage.

Our industrial/commercial (office space, hotel, retail stores)/warehousing plots start from 1,000 Sqm with pricing between $125 – $160 sqm, depending on size and location within the zone, payment plan is also available.



Alaro City is designed as an inclusive mixed-use city. Be it residential, industrial, commercial, retail or social, there is an investment opportunity for all. Land values at Alaro City are projected to increase by over 20% per annum as infrastructure is rolled out. This is mirrored in the Lekki axis as a whole that has seen land value increase by over 400% in the last decade.

Alaro City will, on completion, have over 200,000 people in the city on a daily basis. This provides a wealth of opportunity for investors looking to tap into the captive market of the Free Zone and the workers within it.

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